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next time it's up i'll try again, but from watching the video ... i followed the script to the letter... maybe it was just a bad RNG day thanks for responding
Jguthrie66 wrote today on: News
I second the heal all my warriors...great idea!
3 losses, then this, worked 1st time :)
Work at 9.0.5 -
Thanks :) - But I think the fail rate might be a bit higher. I will make some calculations tomorow
Mutanis wrote today on: News
Also a button "heal all my warrior" ? :D
Aranesh wrote today on: News
I will!
If you are having troubles with your nether ray dying to lift off from Chipper... Try using Sentinel's Companion (2,*,2) in slot 3. You can use the Sentinel's Ethereal's (dodge) to completely avoid the lift off damage from Chipper, while spamming Dark Talon to finish him off.
250 battles? Literal years - every day. My rng sucks.

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2021-04-17 19:04:30
Update April 18th: The below changes are now in effect!
Compensation for coins invested in your vault defense as well as the arena challenge fights are not implemented yet. Both will be added asap.

Thanks everyone for participating in the quick survey!
It's pretty clear which direction the game should take. But the devil's in the details, so here's my current plan on how to make this change happen. Let me know what you think! There's still time to make adjustments.

1 Removal of PvP elements

All options to attack other players will be gone. You will also not be able to stash coins anymore because... why would you ^^
Your vault will also not have a power level anymore and no options to upgrade it. Coins invested in upgrading will be compensated back later on.

2 Warrior repurpose

Warriors will still be around and you will keep all your warriors. They will come in use for two new features:
  • Chests you find on strategies are protected by NPC warriors. you need to beat them in order to claim the chest
  • Within your vault, you will be able to take part in an arena challenge. Your choice which difficulty - higher risk, higher reward
  • Since there won't be a need for many warriors anymore, you will be able to sell warriors in exchange for coins. Sell prices TBD

3 New Leaderboard

The leaderboard on the front page will stay very similarly, showing who has the largest hoard of coins. There will also be prizes for the top 3 players who accumulate the most coins by the end of the game. That means you will still have to decide between purchasing raffle tickets or hoarding your coins to aim for one of the leaderboard spots.

Prizes for the Leaderboard are:
  • 1st place: 1 Year of WoW Gametime
  • 2nd place: BlizzConline Celebration Bundle, Epic Edition (sponsored by Blizzard EU)
  • 3rd place: $40 Battle.net Balance

(The other two prizes are added to the raffle tickets)

Read full article
2021-04-14 02:24:57
On 13 April Blizzard released patch 9.1 on the PTR, and with the new patch came some new pets and pet-related changes! We'll keep this article updated as more information becomes available.

1 No Pet Journal Level Cap

Yep, you read that correctly: the pet journal no longer has a cap! You are still limited to either 1/1 or #/3 depending on the pet, but for those who are interested in collecting to the cap of each pet, this change will be especially appealing.

2 New Achievement

We've only had one new achievement show up so far: A Sly Fox. Which appears as though it might be similar to Dodger in how you get the pet, and in coloring. Maybe they're related!

3 New Pet Tamer

Anthea <Carefree Pet Tamer>

As indicated from Squibbles' drop information, it seems as though this tamer will have a Grummlepouch as some kind of reward.

4 New Player Pet Ability

Siphon Gear was an ability that only the Goldenbot XD on Mechagon had, but will now be available to the player pet Squibbles.

5 New Pets in Pet Journal

Amaranthine Stinger

Though the spawn of a gorm queen lost within the Maw, this pet appears to be untainted by the Jailer's foul magics.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Blinkstrike, Bite, Uncanny Luck, Prowl, Pounce, Fade

Animite Broodling

A young animite will rapidly grow if fed in excess. It is suggested that no more than one average soul's worth of anima be consumed per year to keep them docile.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: Korthia
  • Abilities: Rabid Strike, Glowing Toxin, Siphon Anima, Shriek, Drain Power, Wild Magic

Anxious Nibbler

You have never met a pet that is more about chewing.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: Korthia
  • Abilities: Scratch, Swallow You Whole, Leap, Gnash, Lick, Chew


One of several indistinguishable pets, all named Chompy.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Furious Flapping, Toxic Bite, Sludge Belch, Ravage, Toxic Fumes, Consume Magic

Clinging Remains

Not quite alive, not quite dead, simply an arm, with no head.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: The Maw
  • Abilities: Punch, Shadow Slash, Face Punch, Death Grip, Return to Rest, Haunt

Copperback Etherwyrm

The brilliant scales of the etherwyrm reflect the bright skies of Bastion.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Flyby, Blinkstrike, Arcane Storm, Wild Winds, Prismatic Barrier, Surge of Power

Curious Purrkin

The Purrkin hunt the invasive skrats in the Veiled Market, keeping the population just high enough that they are still needed.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
  • Abilities: Scratch, Bite, Leap, Rend, Prowl, Mangle

Damp Skrat

Skrats are poisonous, venomous, and unusually damp--everything you want in a pet.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
  • Abilities: Chomp, Nibble, Uncanny Luck, Barbed Stinger, Survival, Feed


A species of wild pest that exists within the Maw, no one is quite sure what it eats or why it exists, but they can't get rid of it.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: The Maw
  • Abilities: Scratch, Needle Claw, Refuge, Stench, Apocalypse, Death and Decay


Devourers exist throughout the In-Between of various types and levels of power, but always seeking anima.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: Korthia
  • Abilities: Face Bite, Absorb, Headbutt, Devour, Soulrush, Screech

Domestic Aunian

A domesticated species, it is quite calm and seems hungry.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Scratch, Swallow You Whole, Leap, Gnash, Lick, Chew

Eye of Affliction

These eyes were sent to slow and debilitate the wayward souls of the Maw, so that they could be more easily captured.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: Korthia, The Maw
  • Abilities: Eyeblast, Dark Bolt, Interrupting Gaze, Creeping Insanity, Eye Beam, Portal

Eye of Allseeing

The Eye of the Jailer, diffused, is now merely an all-seeing magical bauble.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Eyeblast, Dark Bolt, Interrupting Gaze, Creeping Insanity, Eye Beam, Portal

Eye of Extermination

The rage Zovaal harbored for his punished existence echoes through the eye.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Eyeblast, Dark Bolt, Interrupting Gaze, Creeping Insanity, Eye Beam, Portal

Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm

Baubleworms are highly prized in the Veiled Market, where those featuring few gemstone flaws can fetch extreme prices.

  • Vendor: Keeper Ta'hult
  • Location: Oribos
  • Cost: 10,000 Polished Pet Charms
  • Abilities: Poison Spit, Tail Slap, Acidic Goo, Light, Burrow, Prismatic Barrier


When you're a Maldraxxian stitchcrafter and you have to name a lot of abominations, sometimes you just go with the obvious choice.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Bone Bite, Scratch, Sludge Belch, Sludge Claw, Meat Hook, Reanimate

Gilded Darknight

The golden armor on these mawsworn is flimsy and easily bent--the gilded armor is a punishment.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: None Yet


Gizmo is considered a perfect purrkin, perhaps the best that has ever existed. He is also a ruthless murderer of small critters.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Scratch, Bite, Leap, Rend, Prowl, Mangle


It only has two teeth, and they both mean business.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: None Yet

Golden Eye

See reflections on the water? There's more than darkness in the depths.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Eyeblast, Dark Bolt, Interrupting Gaze, Creeping Insanity, Eye Beam, Portal

Grappling Gauntlet

Struggle all you want, it will just grip harder.

  • Source: Drop
  • Location: The Maw
  • Abilities: Bone Bite, Scratch, Sludge Belch, Sludge Claw, Meat Hook, Reanimate

Grip of Terror

These ensorcelled gauntlets are used by the mawsworn to capture escaping prisoners.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: The Maw
  • Abilities: None Yet

Infused Etherwyrm

Infused etherwyrms can be used as portable anima batteries, but they must be trained not to flee at the sight of combat.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Flyby, Blinkstrike, Arcane Storm, Wild Winds, Prismatic Barrier, Surge of Power

Invasive Buzzer

Gorm find a way to invade just about anywhere, and the Maw is no exception.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Blinkstrike, Bite, Uncanny Luck, Prowl, Pounce, Fade


These ensorcelled gauntlets are used by the mawsworn to capture escaping prisoners.

  • Raid Drop: Sanctum of Domination
  • Boss: Unknown
  • Abilities: Bone Bite, Scratch, Sludge Belch, Sludge Claw, Meat Hook, Reanimate

Korthian Specimen

With Korthia torn asunder by the Jailer, the few species that remain must be archived.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Scratch, Swallow You Whole, Leap, Gnash, Lick, Chew


The fields of battle teem with Lil'Abom parts, which are perfectly interchangeable and easy to put back together.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Bone Bite, Scratch, Sludge Belch, Sludge Claw, Meat Hook, Reanimate

Lost Limb

Fragments of souls abound in the Maw, searching for meaning, or an end to their torment. But some just want to give you a hand.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: The Maw
  • Abilities: Grasp, Punch, Sludge Claw, Squeeze, Death Grip, Bash

Mawsworn Minion

The Sanctum of Domination accepts mawsworn of all shapes, sizes, and levels of corporeality.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: None Yet

Mord'al Eveningstar

A ruthless tormentor of the smallest souls. Some say he was known in life as "Thermaplugg".

  • Source: Unknown (Unique)
  • Abilities: Club, Cleave, Ironskin, Counterstrike, Clobber, Mighty Charge

Mosscoated Hopper

The hide color of this species is more rare on Korthia, and helps it hide from predators. And mawsowrn, in this case.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Scratch, Swallow You Whole, Leap, Gnash, Lick, Chew


One particular Broker has taken a liking to the skrat species, kept this rare specimen as a pet, and inherited the smell as a souvenir.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Chomp, Nibble, Uncanny Luck, Barbed Stinger, Survival, Feed


Rook never speaks, and little about them is known.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: None Yet

Ruby Baubleworm

The gemstones on a baubleworm will quickly deteriorate if the work is killed. Healthy worms are kept as prized pets by wealthy Brokers.

  • Vendor: Keeper Ta'hult
  • Location: Oribos
  • Abilities: Poison Spit, Tail Slap, Acidic Goo, Light, Burrow, Prismatic Barrier

Scavenging Skrat

Skrats are an especially invasive species, in that they can reproduce with only a sole skrat, and consume almost anything.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
  • Abilities: Chomp, Nibble, Uncanny Luck, Barbed Stinger, Survival, Feed

Scurrying Mawrat

The nails of the mawrat can inflict one of several afterlife-ending illnesses.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: The Maw
  • Abilities: Flank, Death Coil, Death and Decay, Haunt, Corpse Explosion, Creeping Insanity

Silver Purrkin

Purrkins are a traditional pet of the Brokers and the two have a mutually beneficial relationship--a necessity in Broker culture.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
  • Abilities: Scratch, Bite, Leap, Rend, Prowl, Mangle

Sinfall Screecher

Most of the screechers in Sinfall scattered when the halls were occupied again, yet a few young dredbats remained, curiously watching over the new inhabitants.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Face Bite, Sonic Blast, Screech, Nocturnal Strike, Predatory Strike, Call Darkness


Sly snuck aboard for a trip into the Maw. He's not scared, he just really wants to stay in your backpack for a while.

  • Source: Achievement -- A Sly Fox
  • Abilities: Bite, Pounce, Crouch, Disruption, Frolick, Cleansing Rain


Squibbles is engineered to never leave your side.

  • Abilities: Furious Flapping, Chain Lightning, Razor Talons, Siphon Gear (New), Warning Squawk, Wind Buffet

Timeless Mechanical Dragonling

Dragons come in all types of temporal classification--timeless, time-lost, and even infinite.

  • Source: Unknown
  • Abilities: Breath, Flyby, Bombing Run, Thunderbolt, Explode, Decoy

Topaz Baubleworm

Baubleworms have no natural predators, and grow their gemstones to attract mates.

  • Vendor: Keeper Ta'hult
  • Location: Oribos
  • Abilities: Poison Spit, Tail Slap, Acidic Goo, Light, Burrow, Prismatic Barrier

Turquoise Baubleworm

Baubleworms were found by the Brokers on an unknown world, and so gorgeous were their gems, that quickly the expedition turned against one another.

  • Vendor: Keeper Ta'hult
  • Location: Oribos
  • Abilities: Poison Spit, Tail Slap, Acidic Goo, Light, Burrow, Prismatic Barrier

Vile Deathroach

Every deathroach is technically considered vile, but these really take the cake.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: The Maw
  • Abilities: Scratch, Needle Claw, Refuge, Stench, Apocalypse, Death and Decay

Wild Corpsefly

Corpsefly eggs end up everywhere in Maldraxxus, and are easily transported accidentally.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: Korthia
  • Abilities: Rabid Strike, Glowing Toxin, Siphon Anima, Shriek, Drain Power, Wild Magic

Young Garnetgullet

The garnetgullet rolls in bright red flowers to enhance its color, serving as a call to similar species and a warning to enemies.

  • Source: Pet Battle
  • Location: Korthia
  • Abilities: Scratch, Swallow You Whole, Leap, Gnash, Lick, Chew

6 New Pets Listed but Not in Pet Journal (Likely NPC Pets)

RT-3 M15

  • Source: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown
  • Abilities: Massive Explosion (New)


  • Source: Unknown
  • Location: Unknown
  • Abilities: Lick, Swipe, Retrieve
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2021-04-11 13:27:02
Our Treasure Hunt turned out really cool but the leaderboard has some fundamental flaws - as everyone playing it probably knows. Perfect opportunity to test a new feature here: polls!
Please help us to decide how to move forward with the Treasure Hunt by casting your vote:

Poll: Which direction should the Treasure Hunt take?
The leaderboard aspect of the Treasure Hunt is not working due to it being largely impossible to hide coins. With a few weeks to go, we have a few options. Which of these do you prefer?
Final results:
➜ Keep the game unchanged (15)
Only minor balancing changes, but the PvP element with leaderboard prizes will continue as planned until the end.
➜ Keep the PvP element but make drastic changes to it (53)
Try to rebalance the game heavily so it becomes more engaging (buff defending warriors, increase shielded time, give warriors a cool down etc.). Keep the leaderboard with prizes for it at the end.
➜ Remove the PvP element (173)
Cancel the PvP element of the game, compensate everyone in raffle tickets for their efforts and move the leaderboard prizes into the raffle.
The poll has ended. Voting is no longer possible
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2021-04-06 00:08:41
"A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket..."

A little girl skips by you, dressed in her finest spring garb, singing the familiar rhyme. Her wicker basket is full of brightly colored eggs and it swings in time with the words, as her mother hurries to catch up.

As you walk the path, heading back to where your journey began, the signs of spring are all around you: flowers blooming, earth being made ready for sowing, and the warmth of the sun before it becomes scorching summer heat. It brings to mind many springs before, as you recall hunting the Noglegarden eggs as a child, and being scolded for sneaking off to eat the chocolate, spoiling your dinner. When you make it to your destination, people are searching for the prizes hidden in every nook and cranny imaginable, then someone walks by, the scent of chocolate drifting along behind them. There's no one here to get onto you about things like spoiling dinner, and you've traveled all this way. Maybe you have time for a little egg hunting yourself...

Happy Noblegarden, everyone! I hope you're all ready to get out there and hunt some eggs, because there are three pets offered during this holiday, and a couple of them are really handy to have in your roster.

1 Noblegarden Vendor

All three of the pets this holiday can be purchased through the Noblegarden Vendor. The vendors, and the eggs you'll need to collect, can be found in your faction's starting areas:


  • Azure Watch on Azuremyst Isle
  • Dolanaar in Teldrassil (phased)
  • Goldshire outside of Stormwind
  • Kharanos in Dun Morogh


  • Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore
  • Brill in Tirisfal Glades (phased)
  • Falconwing Square in Eversong Woods
  • Razor Hill in Durotar

2 The Pets

For all the pets you'll need 400 Noblegarden Chocolate, which are looted from the eggs. There is a discrepancy between sources on how much the Noblegarden Bunny costs -- the in-game pet journal & Rematch say 100, whereas third party sites and the vendor in-game list the cost as 200.

If you're not looking to collect chocolates for all the pets, the two rabbits are cageable, and can be bought on the AH. If you're a collector looking to get every pet, you'll still need to farm the Mystical Spring Bouquet, as that pet is not cageable.

The rabbits are really nice to have, as they both have great speed values. However, if you're looking for the quintessential bunny move set, the Spring Rabbit is the one to go for.

And that's it! We at Xu-Fu's wish you all the best in your pet collecting endeavors, and until next time: happy battling!
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2021-04-04 21:36:20
April's Darkmoon Faire is up, and our main article on how to get all the pets can be found here.

If you're looking for our Darkmoon Faire strategies for Christoph VonFeasel and Jeremy Feasel, those can be found here.

Also, don't forget to pick up your WHEE! buff to get a 10% experience & reputation bonus.

Happy battling!
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Treasure Hunt
Xu-Fu's big Treasure Hunt is on until May 2nd!

Top 10 Coin Collectors:




















Full leaderboard



Jguthrie66 86198

Mutanis 77336

Ivaelia 66309

Aednat#2943 31436

Merige 14660

Mil 14300

Camlas 12836

Nimue2000 11092

Fynvola 11065

Deramis#1884 11000

Danji 10186

Ult0r#2305 9555

JediKitten 9127

Magedin#1458 8353

xzibit_bcn 8131

Velaya 7333

chewables 7210

Gorthmog#2373 6543

Ipsighast#1897 4809

Dasvampyr 4737

Shiia 4624

Lyrisath 4582

Jeroquee 4526

Cryanna#1711 4289

Olopa#1269 3450

VanyaMia 3063

Menkahoure 3024

rocketly 2994

Dazer#2240 2779

bibbo 2758

Momoko#11808 2712

Cinder#11901 2357

k0ders#1764 2347

PeregrineMan#1671 2279

Cysgodi#1438 2218

argentus9#1710 2000

Ipsi 1742

nabukko#2575 1725

GrumpyKitten#19831 1655

Tinibree#1983 1589

louvanna 1523

aspy#1877 1264

Kyize#2472 1203

Aranesh 1044

funkyfonky 1037

delbi99#2636 964

DaF0rce#2411 870

RavenHeart#1641 799

Ledi166 755

GotHenge#1782 744

agripina 697

Carcoza 690

Roksor 645

Zane 642

Milundaria 636

Nuiathiel 632

LadySilverwolf 557

Inovindil 541

Kizzy#11483 533

Brunehilde#2282 528

Paprika#1933 514

Amifix 461

peterwooley#1317 438

Fiametta 422

calcifer89 409

Demelza#1600 397

NIteowl1970 385

Liliss 376

Mordra 329

Sunderezz 297

Ainuviel 276

nonster#21263 248

Mattoso#1369 234

Despim#2827 225

Serk#1150 212

Jpg 209

Chionee 196

Jane 195

TheMorrigan#2560 191

Rokka 190

亡者#3650 189

Lashgrash 182

Catri#1466 167

Saucekitty 162

Thetawaves#2903 153

detain 141

PureArmour#1184 139

lookaunicorn#2534 138

Slipdance 137

Ozzyofrivia 133

inftech 131

Saan#1321 131

Kaki 127

Mari 115

Sunshine529 112

Killashandra 110

gisma#21312 107

Aszrael 104

OD484#2544 104

Naire 100

Kaleezi#11744 98

Exupra 93

Jeromy1129#1838 92

Kylani 91

Mazik#2928 89

Voxem 88

Cirdan 87

Bigfield#2882 86

AegisianFang#2818 85

Pankracy#2378 83

Kymakazie 82

Molian#2907 77

Anks 76

Fangshi 75

Pathogen#1203 72

mrgurkins 72

Calamitty 71

Gorkas 70

Jester#1736 66

Supacharger#1279 66

Cleophis 64

TinyPixowl 63

Wrench#11980 63

Tasukita 63

Lordlupton#2813 63

soulhealers 62

Rimmie#1117 60

Malc 59

Inydy 58

PipDeGnome 57

Ta 57

joggos 56

apacrion#2681 56

oyi 54

Laghull#2155 54

Raksha 54

Alfmorcru#2600 52

moorf 50

Hogri 50

Katrinah#1739 50

SammyCat203#1527 50

Shawn3e#2207 50

Mar#1286 50

yuyomans 50

Bstpadawan#2636 50

Sparks#1871 50

Seira 50

Orshart#1174 50

Mot 50

Khebu 50

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> >
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2020-07-04 06:20:56 Darkmoon Faire ~~ July 5th - July 11th DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-07-01 22:42:08 New Pets & Updates from Alpha ~~ 1 July DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-06-30 23:01:24 Summer Pet Sale -- Mists of Pandaria CE's Pet Included! DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-06-30 01:38:28 Timewalking Dungeon Bonus Events DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-06-25 09:07:15 Datamined Pets ~~ 24 June DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-06-25 02:39:56 Jenafur has a New Clue & Uuna got a Hotfix! DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-06-21 18:38:39 Midsummer Fire Festival & Seasonal Pet DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-06-18 04:05:49 New Pets & Abilities DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-06-16 14:44:53 Pet Battle Bonus Week & Super Squirt for NA DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-06-11 20:42:20 Datamined Pets ~~ 11 June 2020 DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-06-07 19:29:36 Darkmoon Faire ~~ June 7th - 13th DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-06-06 02:11:07 Datamined Pet / Pet NPC Models DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-05-19 07:37:11 Where on Azeroth is Jenafur? DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-05-15 08:26:41 Shadowlands Alpha ~~ 5/12/20 DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-05-14 05:49:55 Confirmed Bug: Uuna's World Tour DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-05-08 12:00:06 Congratulations, J0ker! Aranesh Competitions
2020-05-05 05:58:44 Mists of Pandaria Timewalking DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-05-03 10:41:38 Darkmoon Faire ~~ May 3rd - 9th DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-05-01 10:15:05 Happy Birthday! Aranesh Page Update
2020-05-01 08:46:54 Children's Week DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-04-28 03:33:48 Pet Battle Bonus Week & Super Squirt for US DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-04-12 23:13:54 Noblegarden DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-04-12 22:21:49 Datamined Potential Pet Models DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-04-10 17:06:21 Compare your collection Aranesh Page Update
2020-04-10 05:19:20 Shadowlands Alpha Pet Information ~~ 9 April 20 DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-04-07 06:45:28 Cataclysm Timewalking DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-04-05 18:59:45 Darkmoon Faire ~~ April 5th - 11th DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-03-24 06:26:39 Where on Azeroth is Jenafur? DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-03-17 02:45:47 Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-03-10 23:33:44 Pet Battle Bonus Week & Super Squirt on EU DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-03-02 18:44:22 New Home-Widget: Video Highlights Aranesh Pet News
2020-03-01 05:42:43 Darkmoon Faire ~~ March 1st - 7th DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-02-18 20:15:48 Burning Crusade Timewalking DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-02-15 16:51:27 Frontpage Update Aranesh Page Update
2020-02-08 12:11:43 Love is in the Air DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-02-02 13:54:10 Darkmoon Faire ~~ 2 February - 8 February DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-01-29 15:01:52 8.3 Celebration Giveaway! Aranesh Competitions
2020-01-27 04:38:03 Lunar Festival DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-01-22 10:57:34 Changes to the BRD Pet Dungeon DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-01-21 22:41:11 Pet Battle Bonus Week & Super Squirt on EU DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-01-21 16:44:30 8.3 PvP Updates Shenk PVP News
2020-01-11 07:45:14 Patch 8.3 Pet Information DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2020-01-05 22:51:04 Darkmoon Faire ~~ 5 Jan. - 11 Jan. DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-12-31 21:32:51 Mists of Pandaria Timewalking DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-12-24 17:23:39 Happy Holidays! Aranesh Off-Topic
2019-12-22 05:10:06 Holiday Pet Sale & The Cat Pack DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-12-21 04:37:10 Seasonal Pet: Snowy Owl DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-12-15 08:06:00 Feast of Winter Veil DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-12-12 11:10:01 Auto-Updating Collections Aranesh Page Update
2019-12-07 13:39:55 New Armory Connection Aranesh Page Update
2019-12-04 22:45:53 Shadowbarb Hatchling: Do You Want to Hatch a Void Bug? DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-12-03 18:53:47 Dottie is Now Available for Purchase! DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-12-03 18:19:49 Pet Battle Bonus Week & Super Squirt for NA/US! DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-12-01 09:47:55 Darkmoon Faire 1 Dec 19 - 7 Dec 19 DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-11-25 05:31:09 Pilgrim's Bounty DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-11-22 08:54:00 8.3 PTR Pet Updates: 21 Nov. 19 DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-11-16 02:17:18 Big Changes Coming to Pet Battles DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-11-13 14:01:26 Updated Pet Collection Viewer Aranesh Page Update
2019-11-11 06:04:39 New Pet Battle WQs in 8.3! DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-11-09 05:33:30 New Blackrock Depths Pet Dungeon! DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-11-08 09:16:44 8.3 PTR Pet Updates: 8 Nov. 19 DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-11-05 06:21:38 World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-11-04 05:21:13 Shadowland's Pre-Order & Charity Pets DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-11-01 03:53:39 Day of the Dead - Nov. 1st - 2nd DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-10-30 04:53:17 Darkmoon Faire Pets DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-10-25 23:48:44 Where on Azeroth is Jenafur? DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-10-25 06:36:49 Meet Rikki -- The New RaF Pet! DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-10-23 05:12:25 Small 8.3 Pet Update DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-10-22 15:56:35 Burning Crusade Timewalking DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-10-21 17:54:50 Oct 21 -- Super Squirt Day for US/NA! DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-10-18 21:25:12 Hallow's End Pet Guide DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-10-17 07:26:53 8.3 PTR Update ~~ 16 October 2019 DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-10-15 17:43:05 New Landing Page Aranesh Page Update
2019-10-15 07:02:29 Patch 8.3 PTR & Conclusion to the Shadowy Figures? DragonsAfterDark Pet News
2019-09-11 12:10:54 Strategy Creation Rules Aranesh Page Update
2019-08-27 19:59:01 Welcome to the team, DragonsAfterDark! Aranesh Team News
2019-08-22 11:41:25 Linkable comments Aranesh Page Update
2019-06-27 11:59:20 Patch 8.2 and Pet Update Issues Aranesh Page Update
2019-05-03 11:18:07 New Guides! Aranesh Page Update
2019-04-01 15:40:20 Legendary A.P.E.X. Aranesh Page Update
2019-03-29 12:48:10 The Pet Moocher Aranesh Page Update
2019-03-03 15:56:54 PvP updates with a welcome to Shenk! Aranesh PVP News
2019-02-13 13:18:26 Welcome and thanks Schlumpf! Aranesh Page Update
2018-10-12 13:24:49 New winner Drawn! Aranesh Competitions
2018-10-08 09:22:33 Winners announced! Aranesh Competitions
2018-09-25 13:52:39 Cap'n Crackers Giveaway! Aranesh Competitions
2018-09-23 14:35:12 A few updates! Aranesh Page Update
2018-09-19 12:54:14 Xu-Fu is looking for volunteers! Aranesh Team News
2018-08-27 21:36:23 New view on your strategies Aranesh Page Update
2018-08-13 22:58:02 Battle for Azeroth Aranesh WoW News
2018-08-01 11:27:17 Add your own Strategies! Aranesh Page Update
2018-07-16 08:43:55 Battle for Azeroth - Pre-Patch Preparations Aranesh WoW News
2018-07-01 17:52:24 Dynamic Alternatives! Aranesh Page Update
2018-06-27 20:57:35 New section on Xu-Fu unveiled Aranesh PVP News
2018-06-02 21:06:02 +100 Intelligence for Xu-Fu! Aranesh Page Update
2018-05-13 17:17:46 Everything at once! Aranesh Off-Topic
2018-04-01 11:21:03 New Feature: Intelligent Strategy Creator! Aranesh Page Update
2018-03-21 16:24:30 What is that, a new section!? Aranesh Page Update
2018-01-22 15:36:57 Development Update Aranesh Page Update
2018-01-21 11:38:30 (Un-)Expected downtime Aranesh Page Update
2017-12-31 17:59:35 A new year, a small update... and Discord! Aranesh Page Update
2017-12-25 17:27:17 Happy Holidays! Aranesh Off-Topic
2017-12-22 08:56:58 Winter Veil Sale of Pets and Mounts Aranesh WoW News
2017-12-20 15:11:27 1000 Users! Congratulations to Tovenaar! Aranesh Pet News
2017-11-12 16:47:29 Pet Ready-Checker - everywhere? Aranesh Page Update
2017-11-05 11:45:13 Xu-Fu goes RSS Feed! Aranesh Page Update
2017-10-29 18:11:57 Xu-Fu 2.0 is live! Aranesh Page Update
2017-09-29 11:25:10 Aranesh is back :-) Aranesh Page Update
2017-09-10 08:57:37 A big thanks and a small brb Aranesh Page Update
2017-09-01 11:54:13 Anomalous onslaught on Argus Aranesh Page Update
2017-08-24 12:10:14 Argus is almost here! Aranesh WoW News
2017-08-07 14:05:03 Say Hi to the Azeroth Adoption Agency Aranesh Pet News
2017-07-09 17:51:23 A glimpse of Xu-Fu 2.0 Aranesh Page Update
2017-07-01 11:30:31 ¡Hola Aranesh Page Update
2017-06-11 11:19:20 A quick development update Aranesh Page Update
2017-06-06 14:59:33 Deadmines guide live! Aranesh Page Update
2017-05-28 12:45:19 TD Battle Pet Script Aranesh Page Update
2017-05-08 19:30:29 And the winners are ... Aranesh Competitions
2017-04-30 17:28:08 Happy Birthday Xu-Fu! Aranesh Competitions
2017-04-22 16:55:21 The Move of the Falcosaur Aranesh Page Update
2017-03-18 10:39:11 Wailing Critters and more Aranesh Pet News
2017-02-12 10:53:15 Wailing Critters Guides Aranesh Pet News
2015-05-15 10:36:12 Patch 6.2 Pet Madness! Aranesh Pet News
2015-05-12 20:43:53 New Feature incoming! Aranesh Page Update
2015-05-03 16:27:53 The Darkmoon Faire! Aranesh WoW News
2015-05-01 12:04:10 Let the guide begin! Aranesh Page Update
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Евгений написал на 2021-03-26 18:16:32

Представьте, что Ваше коммерческое предложение отправлено в формы обратной связи миллиона сайтов.
Как считаете, сколько заявок Вы получите?
Представьте, что даже всего 1% обратили внимание на Ваше предложение, это 10 000 человек.
Даже если 1% из них целевые, это 100 потенциальных клиентов, которые хотят заказать Ваш продукт.

Но все зависит от Вашего направления. Например, вряд-ли предпринимателю из Санкт-Петербурга будет интересна доставка пиццы в Сочи.
Но если Вашу услугу можно заказать онлайн или у Вас B2B направление (любые услуги, в которых целевая аудитория другие компании/предприниматели), то такая реклама идеально для Вас подойдет.
Например, Вы фрилансер, маркетолог, у Вас интернет-магазин или даже продаете мед.маски оптом.
Большой плюс рассылки по формам в том, что т.к. львиная доля ЦА владельцы/администраторы сайтов, поэтому средняя платежеспособность ЦА высокая.
Конечно, среди миллиона сайтов будут и сайты-блоги, далеко не все получатели будут целевыми.
Но из-за очень больших объемов, даже 1% = огромный охат.

Теперь перейдем к гарантиям.
Мы понимаем, что в интернете встречается всякое, поэтому чтобы Вам было спокойнее:
1)Перед рассылкой мы предоставим скриншот из программы с Вашим проектом, подтверждающий готовность к запуску
2)Во время рассылки у Вас будет доступ к обратному емайлу, чтобы Вы могли отслеживать процесс рассылки в онлайн-режиме
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Хотите, составим для Вас коммерческое предложение, согласуем с Вами и запустим рекламу?
Свяжитесь с нами в течении суток и в качестве бонуса составление оффера будет бесплатным.
Все подробности также отправим в ответном сообщении.
Наш E-mail: arsatithos1987@mail.ru

Пожалуйста, в сообщении указывайте Ваш контактный ватсап либо телеграм, для удобной и более оперативной связи.
Названивать или использовать Ваши контакты для какой-либо другой цели, кроме оперативной связи мы не будем.

P.S. Извините за беспокойство, если мы с Вами уже сотрудничаем.
С Уважением, руководитель команды Formarketing.
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